Long Distance Relationship tips for Christian Singles. — 2 Comments

  1. "Non-verbal communication is typically an equal or more important part of communication."

    This is really true! That's why making a constant talk over phone makes the distance nearer. Just like what my friend did to her online dating relationship.

  2. Like any relationship, long distance relationships require effort for them to succeed. Where your relationship differs from a normal relationship, is the fact that you have time to live for yourself. How many couples do you know of, who complain that they never have time for themselves. As with any sort of relationship, there are undoubtedly times where frustrations start creeping in. The quality time that you spend together, probably on the end of a telephone line can quickly end up in mind games, destroying the small amount of time you do get to be close together. If the wonders do start creeping up on you, remember that your relationship is built on trust, love and respect.

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